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Guzman Energy has been featured in the media as a thought leader in the energy field. Take a look at a few articles talking about Guzman to learn more.


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Chris Riley comes from a coal town and a coal family, but he founded a company that could hasten coal’s decline.

The clean energy revolution could pick up the pace if an innovative deal called “solar-for-coal swap” catches on.
Guzman “saw an opportunity for a disruptive force” in the coal-heavy rural electric cooperative market.
Mountain Town News
The Colorado city of Fountain decided flexibility mattered most in future electrical plans.
Denver Business Journal
This company will be the 100 megawatt wholesaler to a mountain utility.
Energy News Network
Guzman Energy says it has the capital to make substantial shifts in Rocky Mountain co-ops’ energy supplies
The Denver Post
Proposal includes replacing half of Tri-State’s coal production with wind, solar.
Aspen Daily News
A new wind-farm project in Colorado’s Lincoln County is expected to supply green power to Holy Cross Energy starting in mid-2021, the company announced last week.