Lighting the
way forward

Guzman Energy gives communities a brighter future

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Guzman Energy is a wholesale power provider dedicated to communities in search of affordable and reliable energy. We partner with cooperatives, municipalities, companies, and tribes across North America to customize energy portfolios that make economic and environmental sense for today and tomorrow. Together, we are lighting the way forward.
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Transforming your power supply

Guzman Energy helps communities transition from fluctuating pricing and outdated utility models to more affordable customized energy contracts. We access and build a unique portfolio of supply resources for you, allowing local communities to shape their own energy future.

How it works
Co-ops are not all the same. Yet these incumbent providers treat you as if you are—exact same rate, exact same package, no diversity, no flexibility. Guzman is the answer to that. Here’s a power provider who’s crazy different, who’s unique. They have the knowledge, the experience, and the education to do this correctly.
Virginia Harman, COO, DMEA
Working for you and with you

We’re not just a wholesale power provider—we’re your power partner. We’ll help you build a customized energy plan that meets your needs now and in the future. And we’re dedicated to helping your community prosper, with experienced professionals who will work hand in hand with you.

Why you should partner with Guzman Energy
Reliable power at reliable prices

Guzman Energy provides a diversified portfolio and a sophisticated real-time scheduling desk that work to keep your lights on and to absorb market variability.