Kit Carson Electric Cooperative Completes PPA for Amalia II Solar Array in Northern New Mexico

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Developed with Guzman Energy and Luminace, new solar array will bring the KCEC local solar fleet footprint to ~50 MW

TAOS, NM – February 14, 2024 – Kit Carson Electric Cooperative (KCEC) and Guzman Energy today announced the execution of a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) for a 10.98 MWdc solar array with 8.75 MW / 17.5 MWh of battery storage. Named Amalia II, the renewable energy facility will be constructed in Amalia, NM.

The Amalia II solar with battery storage site is targeted for completion in the second quarter of 2025. The first phase, Amalia I, began commercial operations in May 2012 and provides 1.25 MW of solar power generation. The Amalia II facility will be the second largest solar facility in the almost 50 MW KCEC local solar power generation footprint.

A unique aspect of the Amalia II renewable energy generation project was the coordination between KCEC and the Rio Costilla Cooperative Livestock Association (RCCLA). The RCCLA membership of local ranching, farming and hunting families owns and manages the land, known as Rio Costilla, where the Amalia II array is sited. Known as the “caretakers of the land”, RCCLA’s mission is to sustain and grow the abundant wildlife population in the area. Located near the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, Rio Costilla is noted for spectacular mountain views of Latir, Mount Blanca and Ortiz Peaks. The siting of the array was done in coordination with RCCLA in order to preserve the beauty of the land, not impede wildlife migration, and create the future possibility to leverage the array site for agrivoltaic use.

“Amalia II is a great example of renewable energy development planning starting with discussion and listening in the local community. Understanding the goals and concerns of the land keepers, in this case RCCLA, was critical in getting project planning agreement,” said Luis A. Reyes, Jr., CEO of KCEC. “The Amalia II project fits into the community vision and supports RCCLA’s mission to support community agriculture, farming, ranching, logging and hunting while generating clean renewable energy for the community.”

Renewable energy developer Luminace will build and maintain the Amalia II facility. Guzman Energy will oversee all energy management including the dispatching of the battery storage system.

Guzman Energy has been the wholesale power provider to KCEC since 2016, when the coop exited its contract with Tri-State Generation and Transmission in order to provide the coop with more control over its energy mix and give its members more cost-effective and rate stable local energy.

The addition of Amalia II will further help KCEC meet its clean energy goals, including becoming one of the cleanest energy cooperatives in America. Amalia II will also contribute to the state of New Mexico’s objective to achieve a statewide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 45% by the year 2030.


About Kit Carson Electric Cooperative

Formed in 1944, Kit Carson is a member owned electric distribution cooperative in northern New Mexico and is the second largest cooperative in the state.  Kit Carson is one of 16 electric cooperatives that serve rural New Mexico communities, serving nearly 30,000 members in Taos, Colfax and Rio Arriba counties.  To learn more about Kit Carson, visit

About Guzman Energy

Guzman Energy is a wholesale power provider dedicated to communities in search of affordable and reliable energy. We partner with cooperatives, municipalities, companies, and tribes across North America to customize energy portfolios that make economic and environmental sense for today and tomorrow. Together, we are lighting the way forward.

About Luminace

Luminace is a North American distributed energy business owned by Brookfield and a leading provider of decarbonization-as-a-service solutions to utilities, energy cooperatives, commercial, industrial and public sector customers. Luminace is one of the largest distributed energy developers, owners and operators in North America, managing approximately 1,400 MW of operating distributed energy resources across 28 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and Canada. To learn more about Luminace, visit

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