Transform your power supply

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We’re shifting the power supply toward a more sustainable and affordable energy future, one community at a time.
Many communities are stuck in long-term contracts with legacy power suppliers that no longer serve them. For example, some regional providers get the majority of their power from outdated, polluting sources, and charge rural communities high, often fluctuating, rates for their power. Rural communities pay high rates for some of the nation’s dirtiest power.
Rural power customers pay an average of 4.4% of their income toward energy bills vs. a national average of 3.3%
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

We’re offering something different. Guzman Energy works from a diversified portfolio of owned and contracted energy sources to create an optimized plan for your community, based on your unique goals and needs.

That can include building in energy independence with your own solar arrays, and designing the power portfolio that meets your community’s sustainability and affordability needs.

Institute for Energy Economics and
Financial Analysis


Kit Carson Electric Cooperative achieved:
megawatts of solar power production
reduction in annual wholesale power costs
Savings of
over 10 years
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Our energy solutions are customized for your needs. We provide transparent, fixed- price agreements. You’ll know exactly what you’ll pay every step of the way.
Reliability you can count on
Guzman Energy meets the same regulatory requirements as all wholesale power providers, giving you consistent reliability at a lower price.