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Guzman Energy to Power Jicarilla Apache Nation in Northern New Mexico

(Coral Gables, FL; November 21, 2016) – Guzman Energy has signed a long-term Power Purchase Agreement with the Jicarilla Apache Nation. The agreement represents the continued growth of Guzman Energy in the region and adds to its already significant operations across Northern New Mexico. Under the terms of the contract, Guzman Energy will provide power to the Nation, which consists of approximately 3,500 members, for the next seven years. “We are pleased to work with the Jicarilla Apache Nation to ensure their access to a safe, reliable, and cost effective electricity supply,” said Jeffrey Heit, managing director, Guzman Energy. “Working together with the Nation, Guzman Energy will not only be able to reduce the cost of power on the reservation, but also help members meet their long-term energy goals, which include greater access to renewable energy.”

Located in North Central New Mexico, the Jicarilla Apache Nation encompasses 377,000 acres of land in the San Juan Basin. Members of the Nation manage 2,000 oil and gas producing wells. They oversee the second largest natural gas field in the continuous United States and are the largest owner after the United States government. **About Guzman Energy
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November 21, 2016