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Guzman Energy President Speaks At Harvard Business School’s Energy Symposium

Chris Riley discusses emerging opportunities in the energy space

(October 18, 2014; Cambridge, MA) Guzman Energy President Chris Riley spoke at the 11th Annual Energy Symposium hosted by Harvard Business School. More than 700 attendees, the largest in the event’s history, took part in the two-day conference. Mr. Riley addressed the changes in the energy and renewables market, and highlighted the tremendous opportunities available as a result.

“It’s a fascinating time to be a part of the energy industry,” Mr. Riley told the audience. “We’re seeing the impact simultaneously of two fundamental changes – the staggering growth of renewable energy and the price impact of shale gas. Together they are reshaping the landscape of the energy markets, as well as the business models required to succeed.”

Mr. Riley co-founded Guzman Energy in 2012 and serves as President. An experienced entrepreneur and finance executive, he serves concurrently as a Managing Director of Investment Banking for Guzman & Company, a boutique investment bank focused on the energy & power industries. In his role as President of Guzman Energy, Mr. Riley oversees the company’s operations, strategies, and new initiatives.

Mr. Riley holds a B.S. degree with merit from the United States Naval Academy, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

About Guzman Energy

Guzman Energy is a multifaceted energy marketing & advisory services company, bringing together leading minds in the domestic energy and power industries. Headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida with offices in Denver, Colorado, Guzman Energy conducts business through three practice areas: Energy & Environmental Marketing & Origination, Energy Hedging & Risk Management, and Project Finance & Advisory. Guzman Energy is an affiliate of Guzman & Company, a boutique investment bank and institutional brokerage firm, focused on the energy and power industries, and a portfolio company of Guzman, Inc.
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October 18, 2014