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Guzman Energy Launches 24-Hour Real-time Operations Desk

(Coral Gables, FL.; July 8, 2016) – Guzman Energy is proud to announce the launch of its Real-Time Operations Desk in Denver, Colorado. The dedicated energy trading operation already powers a significant portion of Northern New Mexico.

“The launch of our new, twenty-four hour (24/7) Real-Time Operations desk expands Guzman Energy’s current service offerings to include the real-time management of loads and resources in many of the North American markets, while we continue to drive economic value for our customers,” said Lance Titus, Head of Trading at Guzman Energy. “We are uniquely qualified to manage assets across the technology spectrum and provide safe, reliable, cost effective electricity supply to our existing and growing customer base.”

Through its Energy Management Services, Guzman Energy provides sophisticated analysis and significant insight in support of our clients’ ever-evolving energy needs. Guzman Energy’s Energy Management Services, which operates in many of the markets across the contiguous United States, can provide the following services:

  • Dedicated 24-Hour Real-Time Operations Desk
  • Plant dispatch and optimization
  • Load forecasting and management
  • Transmission analysis and optimization
  • Scheduling and Reconciliation
  • Fuel nominations and tolling
  • Ancillary Services and capacity
  • Renewable Portfolio Standard management and reporting
  • Carbon liability management and reporting

About Guzman Energy
The Guzman Energy Group, which includes Guzman Energy, Guzman Energy Renewable Partners (GREP) and its affiliates, is a specialty energy company that finances, trades and operates energy assets across North America. The firm is headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida with offices in Denver, Colorado. To learn more about Guzman Energy visit

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July 8, 2016